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Established in 2003 in the famous historical and cultural city of Luoyang, China, Luoyang Lanbing Trade Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company mainly focused on international trade, partnership in international projects, project investment, and technology research and development.

In terms of international trade, the company responds actively to China’s “Belt and Road” initiative and carries out business cooperation mainly with “Belt and Road”-related countries. The main products exported by the company include licorice products, machinery and equipment, pesticide TC, agricultural products, metal materials, hardware accessories, textiles, mineral products, and ceramic products. Through more than a decade’s development, the company has obtained widespread foreign-trade customers in Central Asia, Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan of China, and so forth and its annual trade volume is more than USD 16 million.

As for partnership in international projects, the company has a professional team to carry out overseas business cooperation and it has built multiple projects in cooperation with its business partners in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, specifically as follows:




Project name

Main products & scale




Licorice planting

Licorice; scale of phase I being 2,000mu



Primary licorice product processing

Licorice slices, licorice particles, etc.; annual production of 2,000 tons



Cold extraction of licorice

Crude glycyrrhizic acid, etc.; annual production of 2,000 tons

2 in total


Hot extraction of licorice

Licorice extract, licorice extract powder; annual production of 1000tons




Licoflavone, glabridin, etc.; annual production of over 2 tons



Ammonium glycyrrhetate and derivatives

Ammonium glycyrrhetate, monopotassium glycyrrhinate, tripotassium glycyrrhinate, glycyrrhizine, etc.; annual production of 500 tons

Under construction



Edible alcohol; annual production of 5,000 tons

Under construction


Hydrogen peroxide project

Food grade H2O2; annual production of 25,000 tons

Under construction


Pepper planting

Pepper; scale of phase I being 2,000mu




Licorice raw material base

Licorice; annual acquisition of 10,000-ton licorice



Concerning project investment, the company has established fund strength and professional technology hatching services as support. As the investor, it built Luoyang Lansealy Technology Co., Ltd. in Luoning county of Luoyang City, which is mainly engaged in the production of licorice products and can process 2,000 tons of licorice every year. In Uzbekistan, it has participated in the construction of China-Uzbekistan Lanti Joint Venture Co., Ltd.; Tulan Miya Co., Ltd.; China-Uzbekistan Lanke Miya Joint Venture Co., Ltd.; China-Uzbekistan Blue-C Joint Venture Co., Ltd.;and others as an investor, and these companies are mainly engaged in producing licorice products and involved in primary licorice product processing, cold extraction of licorice, hot extraction of licorice, and so forth. Their annual licorice processing capacity can exceed 40,000 tons, accounting for over 50% of the whole industry.

Luoyang is an important heavy-industry city of our country and the start point of the Silk Road in ancient times. Luoyang Lanbing Trade Co., Ltd. is willing to inherit the opening tradition of the ancient Silk Road, make its own efforts to practice the “Belt and Road” initiative, and take advantage of its own advantage in channels and experience to provide quality products and service for domestic and overseas customers.

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